Supplies Emergency department

When building a new emergency room, the foundation was asked to help deliver medical components and equipment.


A contractor from Arusha is building an Emergency Room (ER) building. Antusa had registered for a sponsor project of the Italian bishops and this project was accepted. The contractor has previously built a similar building in Arusha. The Italian bishops only finance the building. The institution must arrange the St. Kizito hospital itself.

Antusa has asked the foundation to help with the furnishing, including the provision of beds, an ultrasound machine, an X-ray machine, and other supplies. The 25th anniversary of the Morogoro Support Foundation in 2023 will be devoted to fundraising for the establishment of the Emergency Department. Your donation is very welcome.

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Below is a list of the initial supplies for the ER. If you could help in any way other than financially, please contact .

  • 5x stretcher
  • OK lamp large
  • OK lamp small
  • Echo device
  • Monitor for monitoring vital signs
  • Mobile oxygen with nasal cannulas
  • Suction device
  • ECG device
  • Driving radiology
  • 2x cabinet with sheets, towels, basins, cups, straws
  • Cart with acute medication, resuscitation bag, tourniquet, pelvic binder, suture set, drip, gastric tube, urinary catheter material, needles, various bandages, clothing scissors, goggles, gloves, aprons
  • 2x moving OK stool
  • 2x sink with hand disinfectant
  • Cover table
  • Gypsum supply
  • plaster scissors
  • Washbasin with plaster collection tray
  • Various carts for injections and bandages